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Janet Jackson's Weight Loss

You've probably all seen the pictures of Janet Jackson in tabloids recently looking a lot heavier than normal. The 40 year old 5'4" singer weighed up to 180 pounds, but now she has an explanation for her weight gain. She says that she had to put on weight for a role in the upcoming movie, "Tennessee", but had to drop the role later because of scheduling conflicts with her new album. Mariah Carey ended up getting the movie role. Janet Jackson has now lost 60 pounds to get ready for her new album's release on September 26. She debuted her new body on the cover of US Weekly.Her body looks pretty ripped to me, but everyone's now saying that she got a lot of help from PhotoShop. Maybe she is a little airbrushed, but she really did lose a lot of weight. This is what she looked like during her weight gain period:

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Blogger panda cookie said ... (8:12 PM) : 

Damn. I can't believe she's 40!


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