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American Idol Taylor Hicks

I haven't been watching American Idol to be honest, but I just found out the other day who won, and I was kind of shocked. Some guy named Taylor Hicks won. Maybe he is talented, but I was just shocked to see an older, grey haired man win American Idol. And what shocked me even more was that he is supposedly only 29 years old! There's no way! When I'm 29 years old, I really hope I don't have a full head of grey hair! Okay, I'll stop picking on him now.

Comments on "American Idol Taylor Hicks"


Blogger fizdane said ... (12:28 PM) : 

yeah, he looks quite old. like 40s :)


Anonymous joelcemere said ... (1:31 AM) : 

i think he was my 5th grade teacher...lol
well, at least he can get an endorsment deal for JUST FOR MEN/ HAIR COLORING..........


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